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        KOLOWA Ventilation Fan & Cooling System 

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                Factories | Industrial | Warehouses | Workshops | Commercial | Poultry
                Livestock| Nurseries | Greenhouses | Schools | Campuses | Worship Halls

          Save Up to 86% Electricity Consumption!

          Effectively Improve The Factory Ventilation By 95-99%

          GO GREEN With Our Cooling Solution


KOLOWA Ventilation Fan & Cooling System 

This method of cooling is done by installing a system of high quality wet cooling pads and negative pressure ventilation fans to create an evaporative cooling and Gsi Wind Chill effect. This will also effectively rid the factory of odor, dust and stagnant air. 

1.     After the installation, the combined system extracts out the high temperature air to reduce the in-house temperature (32-65˚C) sharply and maintaining it at the most comfortable condition, i.e. between 25-32˚C.  

You may find an increase in production efficiency. 


2.     It improves the factory ventilation by 95-99%. 


3.     It saves up to 86% of the costs of equipment and electricity consumption. Your company will save considerable cost and it helps to achieve your company’s ROI at a faster rate. Please refer to chart below.*





KOLOWA Negative Pressure Ventilation System 

Applying the theory of air exchange and air distribution, this system efficiently removes odor, heat, fumes, dust and stagnant air, while bringing in fresh air. Taking into account the speed of air flow per second and the number of air change per hour, the amount of fresh air to be brought in can be accurately controlled. 

1.     Wall-Mounted Negative Pressure Ventilation System  

This is the best negative pressure ventilation system. It significantly improves the factory ventilation efficiency by up to 90-97%. 


2.     Wall-Mounted Negative Pressure Ventilation System (Elbow-type) 

To prevent the extracted hot air from blowing directly to the neighbors, the Elbow Type is a good solution to allow the hot air to be discharged either upward or downward. This is also an environmental-friendly ventilation system. It improves the factory ventilation efficiency by 85-95%. 


3.     Roof-Mounted Negative Pressure Ventilation System 

This system is recommended in case a wall-mounted negative pressure ventilation system is not possible. This is also an environmental-friendly application.




KOLOWA Positive Pressure Cooling System 

This positive pressure system utilizes air coolers / water cooling fans. It is also powerful and effective in lowering temperatures for the desired cooling effects.





KOLOWA Industrial Ventilation Fan, Exhaust Fan, Roof Ventilator, HVLS Ceiling Fan (Super Fan), Blower Fan, Evaporative Air Cooler, Cooling Pad, and Related Paraphernalia 

These products can be obtained separately apart from our various ventilation and cooling systems. Refer to E-Catalogue (Products) for more details.



On-Site Survey, Design, Installation, Maintenance, Consultancy & Training 

Our professionally trained personnel will provide these services as and when required and/or upon request. 




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