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        KOLOWA Ventilation Fan & Cooling System 

        Effective, Reliable, Durable & Energy Saving


                Factories | Industrial | Warehouses | Workshops | Commercial | Poultry
                Livestock| Nurseries | Greenhouses | Schools | Campuses | Worship Halls

          Save Up to 86% Electricity Consumption!

          Effectively Improve The Factory Ventilation By 95-99%

          GO GREEN With Our Cooling Solution


KOLOWA HVLS Big Ceiling Fan

KOLOWA HVLS Big Ceiling Fan creates big air movement for a more uniform cooling and effective heat destratification, while helping your business save energy cost. 


   Super Fan


Our large diameter - variable low speed KOLOWA Big Ceiling Fans move big volumes of air with their size, not speed. Here are some of the benefits.



• Cooling Effect  

According to the OSHA standards, temperatures of 38°C (100.4°F) and above are detrimental to workers' health and well-being, while air temperatures exceeding 35°C (95°F) drastically increase the heat load on the body. As temperature & humidity levels increase, the body's ability to cool itself wanes. However, the large movement of air creates a perceived cooling effect where one can experience 3.7°C (10°F) cooler.


• Clients & Employees Stay Cool & Comfortable 

Customers & workers in air-conditioned venues stay cool and comfortable even if the air-conditioning set-points are raised without compromising on the thermal comfort.


• Big $avings 

Reduction of air-conditioning energy cost equals big savings.


• Increase in Work Productivity 

Translates to more business profits.


• Prevention of Damaged Goods/Products 

Air movement creates and maintains consistent temperatures from ground to ceiling and wall to wall resulting in uniformity of temperature, reduced condensation, reduced corrosion, and mould mitigation.


• Your Establishment Looks Cool & Unique 

Be a crowd puller and see your business increase.



Suitable For:


Exhibition Halls
Golf Clubs
Multipurpose Halls
Fitness Clubs
Food Courts
Auto Service Centres
Indoor Stadium
Futsal Courts

School & Campus Halls

Aircraft Hangers


Small & Big Workshops
Manufacturing Centres

Government / Military

Aircraft Hangers
Army Barracks
Fire stations
Schools & Campus Halls


Worship Halls


Open Air Buildings
Facilities With Large Open Space


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super spider fan

HVLS Super Fan

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