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            TAIWAN NO. 1                                      THE TRUSTED BRAND SINCE 1966                 


        KOLOWA Ventilation Fan & Cooling System 

        Effective, Reliable, Durable & Energy Saving


                Factories | Industrial | Warehouses | Workshops | Commercial | Poultry
                Livestock| Nurseries | Greenhouses | Schools | Campuses | Worship Halls

          Save Up to 86% Electricity Consumption!

          Effectively Improve The Factory Ventilation By 95-99%

          GO GREEN With Our Cooling Solution


About Us

KOLOWA VENTILATION (M) SDN BHD was incorporated in June 2009 in Malaysia. We are the sole distributor of 'KOLOWA' brand of ventilation and cooling systems products in Malaysia. 'KOLOWA' is a trademark well known in the world for its quality and durability. It has a history of more than 48 years of manufacturing these products. KOLOWA ventilation fans have loyal customers from all over the world. It is a renown brand from Taiwan and its products are factory warranteed against ,manufacturing defects.

KOLOWA VENTILATION (M) SDN BHD was chosen as the sole distributor for this renown brand due to the following reasons.

1) Experience in Marketing 

We have a team of experienced marketing agents from Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, where we also have our offices. Besides, we have also appointed several agents overseas, namely Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Middle Eastern region), Mauritius (Asia Pacific Region), India and Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, India (Asia) Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama (Central America). We have been marketing this brand of products for more than 10 years in Asia as well as worldwide.

2) Experience in System Design & Installation

We have an excellent team who have more than 10 years of experience in designing and installation of ventilation and cooling system projects.

3) Reliability and Integrity

Our establishment is given the sole right to distribute Kolowa brand of products and the exclusive use of Kolowa trademark in this region due to our close tie with the manufacturer and business relationship which has been built up over the years.

Over the years, we have also added into our profile, many repeat customers who have used our products and are satisfied with our after sales services.

4) Our Commitment

We are committed in establishing this brand in Malaysia as well as worldwide due to its high quality, durability and reliability.

Besides, we commit ourselves to deliver the best before-and-after-sales services to our customers whom we consider as our partners.



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Fax: 603-89430028
Email: kolowa.my@gmail.com








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