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            TAIWAN NO. 1                                      THE TRUSTED BRAND SINCE 1966                 


        KOLOWA Ventilation Fan & Cooling System 

        Effective, Reliable, Durable & Energy Saving


                Factories | Industrial | Warehouses | Workshops | Commercial | Poultry
                Livestock| Nurseries | Greenhouses | Schools | Campuses | Worship Halls

          Save Up to 86% Electricity Consumption!

          Effectively Improve The Factory Ventilation By 95-99%

          GO GREEN With Our Cooling Solution


Is the prevailing hot weather affecting your production, workers' productivity and their health? Has your operating cost increased due to higher workers turnover rate and more medical bills incurred?

We have helped many businesses regain control of these problems with our ventilation and cooling solutions that actually worked.


Avoid Costly Mistakes!

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Products & Services:

- KOLOWA Ventilation Fan Cooling System

- KOLOWA Negative Pressure Ventilation System

- KOLOWA Positive Pressure Cooling System

- KOLOWA Ventilation Fan, Wall Exhaust Fan, Roof Exhaust Fan,

  HVLS Ceiling Fan (Super Fan), Blower Fan, Water Cooling Fan,

  Evaporative Air Cooler, Cooling Pad & Related Paraphernalia

- Design, Installation, Maintenance, Consultancy, Training & After


More Benefits...

1. Efficient Environment & Temperature Control.

2. Energy Efficient. 

3. Provides A Cooling & Conducive Working Environment. 

4. Enhances Production Efficiency.                

5. Removes Excessive Moisture.

6. Removes Excessive Heat.

7. Reduces Dust.                                                                     

8. Restricts The Accumulation Of Pernicious Gases.

9. Enhances Workers' General Health & Well-Being.


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